Peter Philips

Peter Philips and his students

Peter Philips is Professor of Economics and former Chair of the Economics Department at the University of Utah.  Dr. Philips received his BA from Pomona College and his MA and PhD from Stanford University.

Philips is a labor economist specializing on the construction labor market.  His current research interests include construction labor market regulations, construction safety, women and minority employment in construction, construction apprenticeship programs, project labor agreements, bidding procedures on construction projects, construction of the green economy, building the California biotech industry and health insurance for construction workers.  Philips has over 50 academic books and articles published on these and related topics.

Philips is an accomplished teacher having won many awards for his teaching and guidance of graduate students.  These awards include the University of Utah, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Superior Teacher Award (1982), University of Utah, Lowell Bennion University Distinguished Service Professor (1992-93), University of Utah, Presidential Teaching Scholar (1993), and the University of Utah, Graduate Student & Postdoctoral Scholar Distinguished Mentor, 2007.

Philips has testified numerous times before legislative bodies regarding various labor market regulations in the construction industry.  Philips also was the only economist on the National Academies committee of experts evaluating the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) construction safety research program (2008).

In the summertime, Philips and his wife, Jean Reagan, a children’s book author, are volunteer back-country rangers in the Grand Teton National Park.  Further information about Professor Philips may be found at,_Labor_Economist/bibliography/index.hml