Dale Belman


Dale Belman is a Professor in MSU’s School of Human Resources and Labor Relations and serves as president of the Construction Economics Research Institute.  His research focuses on labor market regulation, collective bargaining, trucking and construction.  His work on construction includes Building Better: A Look at Best Practices for the Design of Project Labor Agreements (2010), Project Labor Agreements (2006), and The Effect of Project Labor Agreements on the Cost of School Construction in Massachusetts (Industrial Relations, 2010). His current research on construction includes improving project performance through enhancing employee engagement, an assessment of skilled labor shortages in construction in the Southeast and improving selection into apprenticeship programs.  Prior to researching construction, he studied employment relations and markets in trucking.  Professor Belman has published books on the effect of the minimum wage What Does the Minimum Wage Do? (Upjohn, 2014) and trucking,  Sailors of the Concrete Sea: The Work and Life of Truck Drivers (MSU Press, 2005) and Trucking in the Age of Information (Aldershot, 2005).   He can be contacted at drdale@msu.edu.